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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Tobin- 20 Months

Dear Tobin,
Yesterday you turned 20 months old. Getting so close to two! Daddy and I can't believe it. This has been an exciting month for you.

We went to have Thanksgiving with your Boo, Sergei, and Uncle Jimmy. You didn't really eat anything though other than a roll. That's okay, maybe next year. Boo and Sergei let Tripp spend the night with them so you were an only child. We had so much fun! We got our Christmas Tree and decorated it, we went out to lunch, and took you for your first big boy hair cut.

At school, you made a Christmas present for Mommy and Daddy. Can't wait to see what it is!! Mommy and Daddy also took you to see the Bears at Founder's Hall. Mommy had your picture taken with Santa too. Tripp wasn't into it again this year. Maybe next year she will get one with both of you in it!

You are so interested in taking the ornaments off the Christmas Tree. There are a few that you gravitate towards. We keep telling you no, but you don't seem to listen. You also are having fun finding Buddy, our elf. You scream his name and it's really cute.

It seems that you have finally taken an interest in puzzles. You ask to play one most every day. You also love love books. A big favorite right now for you both is Green Eggs and Ham. I read it at least once a day and sometimes many many more times.

We celebrated your 20th month by going to the ENT. Tobin, you have yet another ear infection and it is time for tubes. We went to see Dr. Blumer and he wants to do the tube surgery soon. You are scheduled for next Friday! Just in time to get it in for the year. Thanks for getting that last ear infection before January. You saved us some money since we have certainly met our deductible for the year!

Your ear infections haven't slowed your speech down. Tobin, you are a TALKER. I'm not kidding when I say that you give us a play by play all day long. "I sit", "I fall", "I jump", "oh no", and today "ah man". This is a sampling of your favorite phrases. I have no doubt that you will be speaking in real sentences by the time you are 2!

Lots of Love and I hope that Santa is good to you this year.

Mommy and Daddy

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He sounds like quite a character. Happy 20th, Tobin.
LGrant   Wednesday, December 21, 2011
I always enjoy reading about your adorable little guys!
dannie   Thursday, December 22, 2011
I absolutely LOVE to read all about your boys, Merritt! They are just too precious! How exciting that Tobin is talking so much... Connor surely isn't talking that much. By the way, I saw the picture of Tobin in his hospital gown. It was precious.
The Deatons   Saturday, December 31, 2011
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