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Tobin- 21 Months

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Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Tobin- 21 Months

Dear Tobin,
Last week you turned 21 months old. I can't believe how close my baby is getting to two!

Without a doubt you are having a bounce house birthday party. I can't believe how much you love those things. Yesterday, we went on a play date at the bounce house place near Baxter Village (yes, it was outside of my 5 mile radius, but as you are getting older it's easier to do those things). You were all over the place climbing up to the very top and sliding down by yourself. You were a sweaty mess with curls in your blonde hair. I tried to make you slow down, but you threw a major tantrum which just landed you in time out.

It's almost conference time at school and I asked your teachers if it was really necessary (I mean you are only 1 and the second child... sorry). They told me no and that they are working on the following 3 things: controlling your temper, separating from me, and following 3 step directions. I wish them luck as I feel like all three are lofty goals. How I wish you could control your temper. We have starting putting you in time out at home for the endless tantrums that you seem to throw. I can't say that it's getting better yet, but some day I hope.

You and Tripp are sometimes so sweet to each other. You like to give each other hugs and kisses. You like to run around after each other and you like to play games with each other. But, sharing is not something that either of you are interested in and usually leads to someone getting pushed, bitten (um, you are a biter and that's not so good), or their hair pulled (this is Tripp's method of torture). So, as long as I can keep you running around or playing games it's all good.

Tobin, you really like to color. And it's actually on paper. You ask for crayons and I can set you up and coloring keeps you quite content for awhile. You also love your gymnastics class. This is your second session and it continues until school is out. You LOVE running around, jumping in the pit, crawling under the mats, hanging on the rings, and walking on the balance beam. It's such good exercise for you and it's helping you get stronger too.

Love you lots sweet boy,
Mommy and Daddy

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Love it! Thanks for sharing.
Irene   Wednesday, February 1, 2012
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