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Tobin- 22 Months

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Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Tobin- 22 Months

Dear Tobin,
Yesterday you turned 22 months old! What a month it's been.... Valentine's Day, lots of play dates, and fun at school!
You continue to be a child full of spirit. You throw the wildest tantrums, but give the sweetest kisses. At school, you still cry when I drop you off in the mornings. Your teachers tell me though that you stop after a few minutes and that you are so fine for the rest of the day. Maybe you do that for me? Your daddy and I know that you have some major separation anxiety. You don't like it if we try to leave you anywhere and you don't like it when daddy leaves for work. He's your favorite guy. I'm not joking when I say that you wake up saying, "Da Da!"
Cars are still a big hit in our house. You LOVE to roll cars down our backs. Not sure about that, but whatever. You carry your cars everywhere (at least 3 at one time). Often times, you can be seen clutching your cars and a cup of water/juice/milk. It's quite a sight! You are also a big fan of Buzz. Boo gave you and your brother each a small Buzz as part of your Valentine gift. You like to hold Buzz too and sometimes we can't pry him out of your hands either. I think that you carry toys like that because you are afraid that someone (ie Tripp) will steal them from you. That's a valid concern.
In the next month, you have several birthday parties to attend! These are really the first ones that are just for you. Last year, you went to some 1st birthday parties. But, really you don't do much at a first birthday party. So far you have a cowboy party and a party at Charlotte Junior Gym to attend. I think that you are going to have so much fun. Mommy needs to get on with planning your own birthday party!
We went to the circus last month and you had a good time. You sat pretty nicely on our laps (switching off at times). You really liked the whirly light up toys and thought that it was fun to run back and forth between the displays in the lobby. Of course, I had to buy one for each of you.

At the end of March, we are going to see Sesame Street Live with Elmo. I have a feeling that you are going to love it. Our tickets are pretty close because I bought them early... like in December! You love Elmo too :) If the weather is warm enough, I hope that you can wear your Sesame Street shirt with the cape because it's a Superhero show. Wouldn't that be so cute!
Love you lots!

Mommy and Daddy

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Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Irene   Saturday, February 25, 2012
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