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Tobin- 23 Months

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Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Tobin- 23 Months

Dear Tobin,
It's been another exciting month! You have been to quite a few 2nd birthday parties and love going. You especially enjoy the cake :) We had to make a trip to the ER one Saturday morning because you fell out of the kitchen chair and hit your head on the hardwood floor. Your daddy and I thought that you head was dented in, but it turned out that the knot was just that big. You also had a really long scratch down the back of your head, but we have no clue what could have scratched you. The dr did do an x-ray of your skull since the knot was so large, but luckily no fracture. I'm not kidding when I say that the the knot was gone the next day. I guess that we can truly say that you have a hard head ;)

You have been busy at school. They had the trike-a-thon where the school raises money for St. Jude. I snuck in to watch. You didn't so much ride... more like try to take all of the helmets or play with the big kid bikes. Your teachers told me today that you are getting better with the crying at drop off. I'm taking you towards to end of the drop off period instead of the beginning and they said that not seeing the other moms makes you cry less. We'll keep it up!

You kind of never stop talking. It's an all day long thing most days. Your newest favorite phrase is "thank you, welcome." It's so cute! Your favorite toy is any kind of car.... but especially the ones from the movie Cars or Cars 2. You hoard them and don't want to share.

Your 2nd birthday is coming up! I have a feeling that you will have lots of fun at your party. We are going to have a bounce house and some other fun things to do in the back yard.

Next time I write one of these, you will be 2 :)

Lots of Love,
Mommy and Daddy

Note, you can hardly see Tobin (the teacher is putting him back in the car). I had to stand in the balcony because he would have a complete fit if I was there and then left him at school.

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