by Angi, Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Man, this parenting gig goes fast. CRAZY FAST! And when folks tell you to enjoy every day, they are NOT kidding. This fall, we will have a high school freshman--Galvin. Yes, the same kid who was a mere four years old, when I first posted photos of him and his sister here on Humzoo over a decade ago. He is 14 years old and stands at 6'1" tall - he attends his very first two-week band camp for the Marching Raiders this coming Monday, and the first day of school is four short weeks later. And this also means we have four more summers with him before college. INSANITY!

As for the girl child, Gwendolyn begins her second year of junior high in a little over a month. She's exactly a foot shorter than her brother and is changing into a young woman before our very eyes! She dances en pointe for the Twin Cities Ballet Company as a junior member and loves every minute of that!! And like her brother, she is very musical - she switched from piano to cello two years ago and can now play the beautiful music she dances to in stage productions with Twin Cities + she has participated in the String Project at Illinois State University, as well.

We hope life is treating everyone well, and you all enjoy every moment you have with those you love! XO