Wind Visible (a)

by girlcarew, Thursday, March 7, 2013

G recently completed an extracurricular activity called Destination Imagination (DI). He was on a team of 5 kids who were presented with a challenge. The highlights of the challenger were

- Explore how the science of wind energy can be used to make kinetic art move
- Design and create kinetic art that moves during the presentation
- Create and present an original story that features an invisible visitor
- Integrate wind energy research into the story

One of the biggest points of DI is that it is all about the kids. They have to come up with the ideas and do all the work on their own. Everyone signs a contract that says they didn't have outside help. Adults can show them how something is done, but they can't do the work for them.

It was a big challenge, but we were really pleased with our team's end result.