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And have to tell about something neat that happened today

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

And have to tell about something neat that happened today

I got home this morning after dropping the kids off at VBS and a silver SUV type vehicle follows me into my driveway. A lady in her sixties or so steps out and asks if I owned the house. I told her yes. Her mother was in the car with her and she grew up here. She turned 90 in December. She moved here in 1926. How cool is that?! I let them come in and see the house. The mother was happy with the way we have it decorated and told me I got her approval. lol I found out all kinds of neat stuff about the house. The HUGE walnut tree in our backyard was planted around 1935 by the mother. She brought it home from school and it looked like a stick. She stuck it down in her dad's compost heap and now we have a walnut tree. The backyard was a garden on one side and a fruit tree garden on the other side. And since it was during the depression they always had a table and chairs set up on the back porch for anyone that came by wanting food. Her mother was told to never give them money but to share any food they had. Her father was a higher up on the coal mines that this area was created by. So when he went to buy a house he looked at the mining maps and picked this house because it sits on a pillar so one of the more stable houses in the area. That makes me feel good. There is a beautiful butler's pantry in our kitchen. We always thought it was original to the house. Nope. Mom and the children were going to Decatur to see family in 1930 and dad told mom that he didn't have time to build her the pantry. So she was surprised when she came home and he had built it. I heard about how her and her brother would play and some of the games they played. It was an all around cool experience. : ) I'm glad I could let her relive a bit of her childhood.

We live in a 100 year old house and have met several of its pats residents. We love getting bits of history and seeing the reaction of people coming through the house. Our favorite was a 100 year old gentelman that had lived here with two other families as a young boy. I love the story about the butler's pantry.
dannie   Thursday, June 23, 2011
Great story. An old house has such character that you always think "if it could talk.". How fun to have that come true with past residents!!
LGrant   Thursday, June 23, 2011
That's really cool!!! Right before we moved into this house, we were having a garage sale with my SIL (we bought the house from her) and the original owner stopped by for a tour. The house was built in 1949, at that time it only had 2 bedrooms and 1 bath--plus a kitchen and a living room. And then last year at our garage sale, owners from the 70s stopped by. I loved hearing stories from both groups, very cool!
Jules   Thursday, June 23, 2011
What a neat experience.
girlcarew   Thursday, June 23, 2011
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