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Catching up with life...

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Catching up with life...

So I was trying to remember when a specific thing happened in my life. KT and i were talking and she said to check my blogs on here to see if I had put anything about it. So I started reading all the old blogs. OH MY! lol 2009 I posted like crazy, only like 3 blogs in 2010 and 3-4 in 2011. some of the old blogs were funny, some were sad and some just made me go HUH? : ) So here are a few updates because I"m not seeing where I updated most of them.

My heart: The Lord saw fit to heal it. Or at least it is healed to where I no longer go to a doctor or take any medication. I got a second opinion on it and the second doctor said there is nothing wrong with it. I know the Lord healed it because I know how I felt when everything was going on.

Jonah and drums: Yeah I didn't make it far into the drum lessons with him. His dad now takes him and I just yell at him to keep practicing. I am yelling because I am upstairs and he is in the basement. His ability to drum has gotten really really good though! If I could get him to be secure enough to do it in public he could probably play some of the songs in the church band.

Luzy: she got her forever family but that didn't work out as planned either. The family won't let her see her siblings or my cousin. It is really quite sad and not how any of us thought it would go. My heart is still heavy over the whole situation. : (

My hair: it is no longer purple. It is now salt and pepper. : P I seem to be going silver quite quickly! I haven't attempted to dye it since the red metallic episode. Oh wait I did! I tried to dye it BLUE! ON PURPOSE! Well it dyed my skin but not my hair. Thank you God for google!! I discovered that toothpaste will take the dye off your skin. It really works too! It will also take black permanent marker off your skin but that is a whole nother blog.

My children: Upon reading all the old blogs I see that I haven't gained anything with Emma and some of her isues. You would think in the few years I have blogged about it that i wouldn't keep having the same issues over and over. UGH! She is however up to 78 lbs at the age of almost 13. : )

I think that is everything that needs to be updated. I could be wrong but you will have to deal with it. : ) As for the rest of the things happening, maybe I shoudl blog that too so I can go back and see what has happened. So here is the last year, from Sept 2010 until Sept. 2011:

Emma: in Sept of 2010 I took Emma to the GP for a growth on the middle knuckle of her middle finger. I thought it was just a wart. Nope! It was a spitz nevus. Which is a benign melanoma. A few surgeries later and lots of stitches and prayer it came back clear. She finally grew and I had to buy her a new wardrobe for school this year. YAY!

Jonah: Sept 2010 he got sick. I gave him some fever reducer and he broke out in hives. he had head to toe hives for six weeks. They were so bad his hands and feet swelled up. I felt sooo bad for him. Five months later we discovered what was wrong. He has Autoimmune Urticaria. Basically his immune system attacks him through hives. He didn't have welts either, his whole body was one huge hive. We also found out he is allergic to cats, dogs, grass pollen, dust mites and cows. The cows kills me! lol We hav ripped up all the carpet in the house and laid hardwood floors. He is also on a plethora of medication. So far so goo. Except in February of 2011 when he got sick again and I gave him some more ibuprofen. Broke out in hives again....seems that NSAID medication will cause an outbreak. he had pnuemonia that time.

Izabella: She actualy hasn't had too hard of a time. I am getting her tested for a learning disability but other than that she is moving right along.

My husband: Starting Jan 3 he was gone Sunday afternoon until late Friday night for eleven weeks. So alot of the stuff that happened I had to deal with it alone.

Me: I was sick 7 of the 11 weeks my husband was gone.

Then in August Grandma fell and got a brainbleed. We all, including the doctors, thought she was dying. She has somewhat recovered now. In the meantime we had to clean out her house to get it ready for auction. YIKES! Work started back up and all kinds of joyous things like that. So basically it has been a pretty interesting year. But we have all made it through.

Good to hear from you!
dannie   Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Good gravy davey that thing is long!!! lol If you actually read the whole thing dannie, good job. If anyone else actually reads the whole thing thanks. : )
runt   Tuesday, September 27, 2011
I read it all! Thanks for sharing.
Bek   Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Quite a lot to absorb at once. Glad it was spread out a bit for you. Nice to hear from you. A few of the old crowd are showing up again and bringing things up to date!
LGrant   Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Sure I did. I worry when I haven't read anything from the "old crowd." Life is busy for all of us but don't think you aren't missed.
dannie   Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Nice to hear from you. I can see why you haven't had a lot of time for blogging, but we'll look for the next update.
girlcarew   Sunday, October 2, 2011
:) I read it.... Of course it took me four months to see it! LOL Wonder how long it will be before you notice I saw it. :P
KTkat   Saturday, January 14, 2012
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