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Another year another blog

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Another year another blog

Good gravy davy! You would think I never come here. I honestly do and enjoy reading about all the kids and watching them grow. I have even clicked in here several times one day when someone was having a baby! Sorry I don't remember who it was but the baby was beautiful. Anyway so here is my yearly update. : )

Emma: Is almost fourteen, taller than me, weighs close to 90 lbs now. YIPPEE!! And is just beautiful. She had an operation on both feet the beginning of August. She had accessory navicular bones in both feet that were causing her a great deal of pain. She was wheelchair bound for two weeks, no weight bearing at all. I was VERY thankful she is underweight seeing as how I had to pick her up all the time. : /

Izabella: She has been diagnosed with central auditory processing disorder. there are several areas you can have this in. The two biggest areas for her are being able to distinguish various sounds and being able to hear if there is background noise. If the background noise is the same level as the person speaking she can only catch about 1% of what is being said. This means lots of help needed at school. Getting ready to start that battle since school starts on Monday here. She also pulled a shelf over on herself about two weeks ago. She woke me up screaming and it resulted in an early morning ER trip, some cut hair and two stitches.

Jonah: He has femoral anteversion on top of everything else going on with him. We find out in September if he will have to have surgery to correct it or not. He is also continuing with the drum lessons and doing very well. He has actually played the full drum set a few times at church and the bongos a few other times. His autoimmune urticaria seems to be under control.

Me: I no longer work at the Head Start center. I didn't go back after the Christmas break. It was just no longer a good fit for me and the family. : ( I had a brief sabbatical from working which was very nice. In May I started cleaning houses with a lady from church. It seems that the job may be drawing to a close. But that is ok because on Monday I too go back to school. I have always wanted to be a nurse and have felt led to start pursuing that career. So I have five classes to take and then can start actual nursing program. I will take the entrance exam in April and then start the program January of 2014 and will be an RN with an associates degree in December of 2015. Just in time for Emma to get ready to start college. lol

and lastly My hair:

I am still salt and pepper and refuse to dye it. However I DID get my blue hair!!! YAY ME!!! I turned 40 this year and decided to have a professional do it. I have a friend that is a hairdresser and she put a big blue streak in the front for me. It wasn't permanent or anything but I finally got my blue hair. : )

With all your life experiences you will be an amazing nurse. I had 3 kids and was 32 when I went back to school. I never regretted it. Good Luck!
dannie   Saturday, August 18, 2012
That's great that you're going to pursue your dream! Good luck with that and let us know how it is going. I'm sure you'll do great!!
!   Saturday, August 18, 2012
That's great about going back to school. I hope it's going well. Also, I want to see a pic of your blue hair!! I think it's great that you won't dye your hair. If mine were all grey, I'd be happy but I don't like the in between look on myself. Anyway... hope you have time for a biannual post (at the least).
girlcarew   Tuesday, September 4, 2012
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