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Back Again

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Back Again

I haven't written a long time, because we've been taking a break from fostering. Thought I'd say hello to the echoing halls of humzoo since we were just briefly back in the game.

We took a break, and just enjoyed our son for a while. Then our licensing worker, who does the placements, left and we didn't know our new one. We've been back on "the list" for a child for several months and didn't hear anything. We finally met our new worker about a month ago, and I guess that got us on her mind. We were called on a Monday afternoon about three weeks ago for a 17 month old little boy.

We said yes. His case is the strangest, most confusing case I've ever heard of. And the worker would tell us very, very little. We met him Monday afternoon. He is a SUPER adorable little guy. It was just a crazy, crazy week trying to get things figured out with him between our work and J's schedule. And he ended up having a ear infection so bad it ruptured his ear drum. Tough week for everyone, especially him.

All in all he did really well. He's hyper and has no boundaries, so that was interesting with J. J didn't know what to think. The first afternoon we spent on the floor with the baby crying, and J crying because the baby was crying. Then they starting getting along better. J ended up really, really liking him.

He left on Thursday, went back home. It was a brief visit. But it was good. I'm glad we got to know him and take care of him. I felt like we did well for him in the little time he was here. I think he will be okay back with his parents for the long term.

We'll see what the future holds. I'm ready for another, long timer like our J. He is just the light of our world. I'd love for him to get to hold that baby he's alway asking for.

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