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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Cloth Diaper Help

Now that I'm going to stay home with the babies, I'm thinking of switching to cloth diapers. We meant to all along, but the girls just came along a little earlier than we anticipated and we ran for the Huggies.

Any suggestions on which kind to use? The girls are almost 9 months old, but are still fairly small. They are getting more and more active every day, so nothing too big or bulky. I think we'll probably still use a disposable diaper at night and they never have exceptionally huge poops or pees during the day.

Or do you think it is too late? Have you ever heard of babies having problems transitioning? I'd sure like to get started with these two and hopefully continue for whoever else comes along.

Thanks for any help!! There may already be a blog about this somewhere on Humzoo, so point me that way if there is.


These people are pretty smart.
Moore Crazies   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Great, thanks for the link! I'm already liking BumGenius and FuzziBunnz.
sandd   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
I LOVED my Happy Heiny's. www.diaperpin.com has lots of info too.
girlcarew   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
www.everythingbirth.com has some cloth diapers. Pocket diapers are what we've chosen, Happy Heiny's. A friend had some leaking issues with the bumgenius, but that'll be different with each baby. Summer is coming, the cloth is going to breath where disposables won't! Cloth is all natural on their skin, plastic is not. ;) Cloth are okay for overnight too, if the girls are exceptionally heavy wetters overnight just add an insert or two to help absorb it. :)

Try www.diaperparties.com to find a rep near you. They'll have samples of LOADS of different brands! That's how we chose. :D You can also buy all these brands on Amazon.com for the same pricing. Email me if you want more info. :) Hope this helps!!!
Richie & Ashley   Tuesday, February 1, 2011
We are no help. We bought a giant stack of cloth diapers 14 years ago because I wanted to be eco-friendly. When I held the first dirty diaper in my hand and it was a mess I realized this wasn't going to work for me. She was a mess and it was everywhere. I called my dad and he said I had to stick the diaper in the toilet and clean it first. I just kept thinking I was going to catch a disease if I used our toilet as a prewash cycle. I tossed the diaper in the trash and to this day we love using the cloth diapers to dust, clean, wash cars, etc. They are lint free. We even tried to find a cloth diaper service but Springfield didn't have one. We switched to cloth napkins at the dinner table and tried other ecofriendly ways to conserve. But we are on the go so much that we realized cloth diapers had some drawbacks. I still wish it would have worked. Good luck!
Gilmore Family   Wednesday, February 2, 2011
We love FuzziBunz...the snaps are nice. Friends that have used velcro say it wears out quickly and has to be replaced.
We also bought a sprayer that attached to the clean water going into our toilet, it's been very helpful spraying the poo off the diapers. We've also enlisted a few of those putty scrapers!
Also, running a bit of vinegar in the rinse or soak cycle can help eliminate built up smells.
Good luck, let us know what kind works for you!
Emmy Ann   Saturday, February 5, 2011
I tried FB but they didn't work for my kids... Too small. It's the same as paper diapers... you have to try some to see what fits.
girlcarew   Sunday, February 6, 2011
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