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Friday, May 18th, 2012


The call we got today about the two little boys is related to something I've been thinking about often.

It seems there are two types of foster homes....those who foster numerous kids at one time and those who stick to one or two, max. I respect both. Some of the larger foster families just amaze me.

But I think, for our family, smaller is better. I'm not Super Mom. I need personal time. So does S. I can give a whole lot to one or maybe two kids, but I know I would have a very difficult time successfully giving to many more than that. This is especially true considering these children are often traumatized and require much more attention and direction than a child in a normal situation. It's not like parenting 4 kids from birth. Transitions are TOUGH on the kids and on us.

So, no overflowing housefulls for us right now. I'll think about those two little boys a million times, thinking I should have said yes. But I'm pretty sure we're doing the right thing for our family and for LG and for our ability to foster in the long term.

Oh, but the phone is calling me....I want to call back and see if they're okay and have somewhere to go tonight. S better get home quickly and talk some sense into me!

In a situation like this, you know your capabilities and you should always BE YOURSELF.
BeanCounter37   Saturday, May 19, 2012
Definitely good to know your limitations.
girlcarew   Monday, May 21, 2012
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