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Brinlee turns 1!!!

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Brinlee turns 1!!!

Wow! Brinlee it is hard to believe you are now 1! It's hard to imagine that this time last year we were worried about your health and you are just perfect!

Brinlee you are a pretty laid back little girl! You do know how to get what you want though! The other day we were out to lunch after church. While waiting for our food Ashlynn was getting antsy so I handed her my iPhone to play with. You screeched horribly loud! You were upset that you weren't getting to play with something. Luckily Grandma Nise came to our rescue and handed you her phone to play with. You snatched that phone so fast and hunkered down in your high hair and made sure no one tried to take the phone from you. When our food came I took the phone from you and you screamed loudly, gave me a very intense look and shook your head no! I have no doubt you will just as expressive as your sister!

You have a growing vocabulary. You say mama, dada, all done, no, uh-oh, shake your head yes and no and have started saying more. Most of your words are not fully developed but you are able to get your point a cross.

At your one year visit you were 30 1/4 inches (90%), 22.6 lbs (85%) and have been walking for over a month now. You have been transferred to your big girl carseat and are enjoying it so far! The tet will be over the holidays because we are driving so much! Unfortunately you have another ear infection. You wouldn't notice this time because you are as happy as ever. You are down to one bottle a day but still mostly take 2 naps.

We are so excited to celebrate the holidays with you abs your sister. According to Ashlynn you both are on Santas good list.

We love you Brinlee!

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