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Steve Heinzel
Springfield, IL

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Pet Peeves
1.Joggers who can't run without something in their ear.
2. People who repeat themselves.
3. Waiting in lines.
4. Politicians that lie.
5. People who repeat themselves.
6. Stupid drivers.
7. Trucks in the passing lane on an interstate (may be covered by #6)
8. People that talk only about themselves.
9. People who repeat themselves.
10. I guess I'm pretty ticked-off at the whole world.
11. People who repeat themselves.

About stheinz
I am 63 years old and have a wonderful wife, Nancy, to whom I have been married for 36 years. We have three children; Sally, who lives with her husband, Andrew, in Towanda, IL, where they are renovating a church into a house. Sally is currently working on her Doctorate in history at the U of I.; Randy, who is a doctor (ob gyn) in Philadelphia (and he is getting married to Alison this coming October - way to go guys!); and Dave, who is married to Courtney, and the two of them have given us the two greatest grandkids in the world!! Dave is in charge of the web site for Springfield School District 186. Some of you probably know Dave from Humzoo - heís got something to do with it, but Denny canít figure out what it is.

I am a retired teacher of 32 years; began teaching elementary P.E. and later switched to 8th grade science after earning a Master's Degree in Science Education Through Astronomy. Prior to teaching I worked my way through college by working in construction during the summer months. After teaching I worked part-time at a local golf course mowing fairways.

For the last seven years I have been enjoying one of humankind's grandest inventions - retirement!!!


Favorite Music
The sounds of nature.

Favorite Movies
The scenes in nature.

Hunting - deer,doves, mushrooms.
Fishing - if it swims I try to catch it.
Photography - if it exists, I will try to get
a picture of it.