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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Girl's weekend in Phoenix

My sis and I used to take a lot of trip together. But since pretty much the birth of my son and her finding the man of her dreams (and me getting ditched as standby dates to fun trips), we've been rather busy with other things. We finally got together this weekend in Phoneix. Kara was there on business but came early for the weekend. We chatted, sat by the pool, got our nails done, drank cocktails, went out to dinner...all the fun girly stuff we used to do.

My sister is my best friend and I hate living so far away. We'll have to see where the future leads us. Someday, I hope we can live closer. Thanks again sis for the awesome weekend!!

Tags:  family, kara, vacation
Kara, you and Mike should just move to Teton Valley.
No really, just do it.
Emmy Ann   Tuesday, May 12, 2009
hey sissy! i had such a great weekend and i hope we can make it an annual event. we'll leave the hubbies behind to play video games. owen will probably learn how to join them soon enough...especially when he gets his new squirt bottle gun.
mike says he is sorry that you're now getting ditched as the stand by date. he knows he has big shoes/margarita glasses to fill!
you're the best sister and friend in the world and i love you very much.
kara   Thursday, May 14, 2009
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